Sweaters and Parkas

We’re now home!  But I am missing London.  It’s always fun to see how other cities dress.  Certain cities have a distinct style, I call it a sartorial accent.  You see its inhabitants, and you know exactly where you are.

We were able to make a quick jaunt to Paris during our visit and let me tell you seeing the London and Paris in a short 48 hour period cemented in my mind how different the people in each city dress. In London, it was very much about sweaters that reach mid-thigh such as the one in this photo or about the olive parka for both men women–young and old.  In Paris, brogues were quite the rage (more on that later).

I took this one photo in London while in Islington on our way to dinner.  Happy Monday!  Hope you had a relaxing weekend.

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