Smart and Fun


I love how shoes completely change the mood of an outfit. Dana looks very smart from the waist up. Then you look at her feet and the sneakers add a nice fun factor and laid back attitude to her outfit.


5 Responses to “Smart and Fun”

  1. Lisa says:

    I especially love her hair!

  2. ola munia says:

    Love her look! The jacket is perfect for this season.
    Great blog you have, I'm a blogger from Boston too.
    If you have some time, stop by. :)


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  4. PhotoGirl says:

    Hi Martini, she looks fantastic in her mix of clothing and with such a cool jacket!! I love it!

  5. sami says:

    we just got some sneaker wedgies in at f21! they're so fun, and so 80s looking!


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