Blue Bow

Please meet Hend Krichen.  Honey Bunny (my nickname for my son) and I met her on our way to see the Hollywood costume exhibit at the Victoria and Albert museum.  A timely meeting in some way, as Hend is a kick arse 3D designer.  I’m so in love with her work.  Particularly her Tunisia Made terracotta vessels. Check her out.

6 Responses to “Blue Bow”

  1. Anthea says:


  2. Erin says:

    That bow is darling! And I love that chic coat. Looking forward to seeing more London style from you :)

  3. savannah says:

    i REALLY like her coat. fits her look perfectly
    Lord Ashbury.

  4. thebostonista says:

    She's so adorable! I love that bow! I'll definitely check out her work!


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