The Loubou Store

Honey’s office, or at least his office when he has to work in Paris, is located literally next to the Louboutin store.  By literally I truly mean literally.  No, not literally as in, “I could literally eat a horse, ” or as in “If he says ‘like’ one more time, I’m literally going to scream.

I mean that the Louboutin store is at 68, rue du Fauburg Saint Honore and Honey’s office is located next door literally.  Now, you’re thinking, Tini where are you going with this.

Well, my husband works next door to a fabulous shoe store, but when I showed him my instagram of the Louboutin store Christmas tree (below), he said.  “Where did you take that photo?”

I responded, “At the Louboutin store.”  He then gave me a vague smile that I’ve learned to interpret as his, ‘that’s nice, love,’ face.  After dropping him off at work, Honey Bunny (my infant son) and I went off to meander about Paris.  We saw the Hermes Christmas window display, bought my mother a new perfume at Guerlain, stopped off at Miu Miu and then went to Absinthe for lunch.

Later that afternoon, we went to pick Honey up for our train back to London.  As we sped off in a taxi to Gare du Nord, my darling Honey said, “It’s funny, but people are always waiting in line at that store.”

“Which store, Hons?”  I responded.

“That store with the shoe Christmas tree.”

“The Louboutin store?!”

“The Lou what?” he said.

“You’re surely not serious?!” I said.

At this point, I think that Honey read my ‘You must be joking me face.’  He diffused any snarky comment that I could have made by saying: “What did I miss?”

Of course, I won’t continue this story by telling you I had to remind Honey of the number of movies and episodes of Sex in the City in which he’d seen the iconic red soles.  Though after some time, Honey did say.  “Well, that explains why there’s always such a long line to that Lou—ah—Loubou store.”

And at that point, I thought, ‘why haven’t you come home with shoes for your lovely wife from the Loubou store.’ But we were then at Gare du Nord and I simply could not be bothered to voice my thoughts out loud. Literally.

I should mention that we ran into Ichou next to the Loubou store.  Visit her blog when you can.

And here is a photo from the Hermes window display.

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    This is amazing – we're so jealous!


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