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Australia and Life With Bird

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

We’re in Rome!! The weather forecast is sunny and mild.  Whoo hoo!  We were in Paris over the weekend and the weather there was pretty miserable which means that I have not one photo from Paris to share with you.  Hopefully, Rome will be good to us (you and me, of course).

This photo was taken in Melbourne.  I sat next to Dominique at Cumulus (which serves wonderful food by the way.  So wonderful in fact that my sister and I have researched some of the menu offerings and have replicated them to great success.  But that’s another story for another day).

Back to Dominique, I kept admiring her whole look so when she left Cumulus, I simply had to run after her.  We had a great conversation on Flinders Lane after I took her photo.  Seriously, the best thing about being a street style blogger is having great conversations with random strangers.

Dominique’s dress is from Life With Bird. Her necklace is from Salamanca Market in Tasmania and her bag is from Elk, my sister bought the exact same one last time we were in Oz). If you do check out Elk’s website, look at their wooden jewelry section.  I have several of their pieces.

White Dress at Fenton&Fenton

Monday, March 4th, 2013

While in Melbourne, after taking a quick photo of Gemma, I ran into Fenton&Fenton after which I very much wished once again that we lived in Australia. Fenton&Fenton have wonderful pieces of furniture and decor ideas for the home, including a yarn elephant head which I thought would be very nice in my son’s bedroom and a cast of yellow Air Jordans.  See below for photos I took with my phone from the shop.

I’m thinking that this bone-inlay paint technique would be a good DIY project with an IKEA or a vintage dresser.

More DIY ideas with a chevron paint application to a wooden tray.

Hope you had a good weekend.


Melbourne Girls

Monday, February 25th, 2013

While in Melbourne, I ran into Georgie (left) and Maddie while going about town.  It’s summer in Australia and I thought Georgie and Maddie’s look was uncomplicated and simple.  And honestly, I eyed Georgie’s white blouse with envy, particularly since I was covered in baby food while taking their picture.

It’s always nice to know that no matter how cold it is in one part of the world, it’s always summer somewhere else.


Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

And here we are with the last of the photos from Oz! Finally!  Not to worry, I’ve been taken photos in Boston since my return.  I’ll share the photos with you next week.

We’re installing for my exhibit, To The Nines, at the Boston Center for Adult Education today.  Wish me luck!  In the meantime, enjoy this photo of Ms. Zee in white, blue and neon!

Melbourne Black

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Not too long ago, my sister who is living in Melbourne, emailed me to say, “It must be hard for women in Melbourne to decide which black top to wear with which black bottom. Sometimes they get fancy and go with a white top!”

Weeeellllll, my sister may have exaggerated a wee bit.  As I took the train with her to the city, I did notice that the women do wear quite a bit of black.  Though I have to say, there are those who do fully embrace color.  Upon my visit to Vic Market, I was pleased to run into Grace, who was with friends to have brekky and coffee.  Do you notice her collar tips? She was the only person in Oz I noticed wearing them.