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Spring Bright

Monday, March 31st, 2014
Brights for Spring
Yowser!  I’m digging the Jeremy Scott bag for Longchamp.  And since I love all things brogues, what about a botanical print pair from Marc by Marc Jacobs?

Art Everywhere

Friday, March 28th, 2014

A World Where Outdoor Advertising is Replaced by Classical Paintings consumerism advertising

I was pleased to stumble upon these photos by Etienne Lavie, the artist behing “OMG who stole my ads?”  Just imagine if there were no commercial ads in our everyday life.  And what if, instead of ads, we had the classics to look upon as we traveled around our cities.  Not a bad idea!

Check out Etienne’s work here.

A World Where Outdoor Advertising is Replaced by Classical Paintings consumerism advertising

A World Where Outdoor Advertising is Replaced by Classical Paintings consumerism advertising

Sophia Webster Flats

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

sophia-webster-shoesBetween being at home with my son and running to photo assignments, my choice in clothes have become classic and understated.  It has come to be that my shoes are my way of having fun with wardrobe.

As such, every year, I buy one pair of everyday-shoes.  That shoe has to make a statement. It has to be neutral has to be flats and they have to make me go OOOHHHH!   After a few months of searching, I’m happy to say, that these Sophia Webster flats are just perfect!


Fashion Week Bloggers

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Being a street-style blogger for fashion week is not very fun.  It sounds fun.  But it’s really not.  You stand around a lot.  In the cold, heat, rain…you name it.  And you wait.  There’s a lot of waiting.  Because in truth, you go to the shows early to wait outside for folks to arrive to said show to do your job. And once you’ve taken photos of folks going in, you then have to, yup, you’ve guessed it, wait for them to come out.

And once they are out there’s the mad rush.  What rush you say?  Surely, you’ve noticed the same photo of (insert your favorite fashion celebrity here) but taken by different photographers for various fashion magazines and blogs.

And once you’re done taking photos at a show and have ignored the attendees who are fake-checking their phones while all the while posing in the sight-line of several photographers it’s time to figure out how to get to the next show via public transportation.

Take a cab, you say?! Well, most likely if you’re a photographer, you’re freelancing. And if you’re freelancing, you have no budget for such a luxury. Even if you wanted to get in a taxi, that would be a bad idea. Have you ever tried to get around major cities such as New York, London or Paris during rush hour with 30-40 minutes to get across town to a show?  Case in point, the photo above of us all walking to Waterloo—at I think it was Waterloo.

When you’re in the ditches doing your job, it’s not fun.  But it sure looks glamorous from the other end, doesn’t it.  Here are some photos of photographers at London Fashion Week who were spotted by The Guardian who make it look easy.  I’m listed among the photographers…..Not my favorite picture of myself.  But since I got off the plane from Australia less than 24 hours before and had hours to complete a freelance job before picking up Honey Bunny from the sitter, I’mma be easy on myself for barely having time to put on lipstick that day.

Around the World

Monday, February 4th, 2013

We’ve been all over the place lately.  5 countries and 3 continents in 1 month.  Add in a jet-lagged baby and well….it’s been a bit crazy.  We’re in Australia to see family so I’m hoping I’ll have some time to share some street-style photos with you.  In the meantime, please enjoy some photos from Bilbao, the Basque countryside, and Biarritz.